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The training content is tailored to the performance level of the user. In addition to technical and in-depth training, there is also content on the topics „safety“, „alpine environment“ and „material science“.

With SKI AUSTRIA MOBILE ACADEMY, skiers now have the opportunity to prepare for winter at home even before the skiing season starts. And all that with Austrian skiing know-how straight from the Arlberg. – Herbert Mandl

Herbert Mandl heads the Ski Austria Academy in St. Christoph. He was head coach of the Austrian women’s ski team from 2002 to 2013. Under his leadership as head coach, Austria’s women skiers won nine gold medals at World Championships and three gold medals at the Olympic Games.
If you want to improve your skiing skills, learn about new trends in winter sports, or get further training in safety or equipment issues, the SKI AUSTRIA ACADEMY of the ÖSV is the right partner for you.

Learning has to be easy – like WhatsApp and out of your pocket. Our SKI AUSTRIA MOBILE ACADEMY is methodically and didactically designed in a way that knowledge is transferred in a low-threshold manner and is well memorised. – Dieter Duftner

As founder of and Certified Digital Consultant (CDC), Dieter Duftner accompanies companies in change processes, from the initial strategic considerations to the implementation of individual projects. A wide variety of sectors are covered: tourism and trade as well as football and the construction and industrial sectors. With his expertise, Dieter Duftner develops digital solutions that play a pioneering role in the industry.


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Micro-learning units


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Trainings auf dem Smartphone

Für jede Könnensstufe, im Einklang mit dem österreichischen Skilehrweg

The training packages

for all target groups and skill levels


From getting used to the equipment to steering with the snow plough

Ideal for newcomers and beginners! This training package familiarises you with the ski equipment and prepares you for your „first steps“ on skis. Training content:

  • Getting used to ski equipment
  • Gliding and schussing exercises
  • Snow plough
  • Snow plough turns
  • Alpine skiing stance (Sliding, Edging)
  • Snow plough control
  • Technical programme


Short and long radii, the main concern is elegance

This topic offers varied exercises and information for experienced skiers and those who want to conjure up elegant turns in the snow. Known techniques are further developed, new skills are learned step by step. Training content:

  • Using ski poles
  • Long radi (Skiing with and without poles)
  • Short radii
  • Dynamic skiing
  • Technical programme


Sporty on any terrain

With this package, the professionals (of tomorrow) can let off steam and perfect their technique. No matter whether steep slope, carving turn with extreme inside position or mogul slopes. With this training series, one has by no means finished exercising. Training content:

  • Carving (long radii, short radii)
  • Steep slopes
  • Mogul slope
  • Deep snow
  • Freeriding
  • Technical programme


Safely on the slopes, in all areas

Safety has the highest priority in alpine skiing. Therefore, knowledge and skills should be constantly repeated and practised. Training content:

  • FIS rules
  • First aid
  • Avalanche awareness
  • Rules of the game on the piste

Material science

The right material, for every skill level

This training package is tailored to every skill level. You learn what characteristics the ski material should have for beginners to professionals. In addition, one is familiarised with the technical language. Training content:

  • Ski: Bending line, Torsion, Waist, Length
  • Binding
  • Ski boot
  • Poles

Alpine Environment

What to look out for

In the alpine environment, there are multiple environmental factors to which one must adapt. In the trainings, you learn how to best prepare, what protective measures to take and how to minimise your footprint. Training content

  • Preparatory measures
  • Weather
  • Regeneration
  • Environmental awareness and sustainability

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